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Fibre Flare


The Original Fibre Flare!

Fibre flare uses the latest super-brightfibre-optic technology in a flexible tubewith multiple attachment options.

Versatile design allows this product tobe mounted on seatposts, chainstays,bags or clothing. It includes steady andblinking functions in the world's fullyomni-directional bike light.

  • Visible over 300 metres
  • Up to 20 times more illuminatedsurface area than regular rear lights
  • 75hrs burn time (flashing mode)
  • Silicone slings for frame attachmentare included
  • 180 + visability
  • Length: 292mm,
  • 2x AAA batteries

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Fibre FlareFibre FlareFibre Flare

"Excellent addition to any legal lighting setup"
August 2009 - Read the review