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The world beating Fusion tyre. Features a 3-compound tread to optimise durability, acceleration and cornering grip. Competition style slick profile.

  • Ultra light 127tpi casing
  • Kevlar-Protech anti-puncture reinforcement
  • All-weather performance and enhanced durability from a thermoplastic reinforced tread compound
  • 700x23
  • 205g

Triple Compound

Triple compound technology enables three rubbers with different properties to be used together to help get the best from your tyre.

The hard rubber in the centre increases durability and resistance to cuts and abrasion while also providing low rolling resistance.

The intermediate rubber guarantees progressive acceleration in corners and safety. The very soft lateral rubber offers unequalled grip, inspiring full confidence when cornering aggressively.

Kevlar Pro-Tech

KEVLAR Pro-tech tyres are made from a casing reinforced with a soft and very dense 100% Kevlar belt. Enclosed under the tread, this under-layer increases the tyres' ability to withstand cuts and punctures by more than 50%.

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