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The Neonight product is designed to improve the visibility of cyclists and other vulnerable road users in low light conditions.

Instead of a conventional LED or halogen bulb, Neonight employs patented technology that utilises electroluminescence as the source of light.

The lamps are double sided doped phosphorous strips which produce a highly visible blue-green band of light whichis further expanded through a reflection and diffuser system. This spreads and expands the illuminated area so that the product is 3 dimensional. The lights snap onto either side of the cyclist's helmet via a universal shielded magnetic bracket

The positioning of the lights offer maximum visibility to car and higher aspect lorry drivers from all angles.

Fully USB rechargeable in 3 hours. Over 5 hours constant brightness runtime. Two light pods, universal brackets, USB cable, protective carry case.

The use of colour is hugely important. The human eye makes use of different photoreceptors over varying light conditions. Daytime receptors (cones) are most sensitive to yellow. After dark we largely switch to rods which are particularly sensitive to the blue/green spectrum. Blue objects are easier to spot, even in difficult conditions such as fog or smoke.

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NE2012 Neonight £59.99