Wet Conditions Chain Lube
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Biodegradable, fully synthetic lubricant. The MOTOREX Chain Lube for Wet Conditions contains additives that allow it to penetrate quickly and deeply. Provides optimum lubrication and outstanding protection against corrosion. Specially developed for riding conditions where the lubricant has to adhere to the chain for extended periods. The lubricant is highly water repellent, making it ideal for damp and muddy conditions.

Use: MOTOREX Chain Lube for Wet Conditions is recommended for lubricating bicycle chains and derailleurs in predominantly humid or wet conditions.


  • Biodegradable
  • Fully synthetic chain lubricant
  • Strongly hydrophobic
  • Anti corrosion additive


100ml - Bottle

Warning: Avoid contact with the brakes so that the brake action is not impaired.

Name: Wet Conditions Chain Lube