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Cane Creek

Cane Creek

About Cane Creek

Cane Creek has a long, rich history in the evolution of bicycle suspension technologies and is among the world’s largest producers of bicycle headsets.  Located in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the employee-owned company designs and manufactures class-leading bicycle components, including the 110-Series and AngleSet headsets, Double Barrel rear shock and Thudbuster seatpost.

Cane Creek Tools

Cane Creek has a series of tools to help ease you through the process of identifying the right headset of shock for your bike.

Headset Fit Finder: A simple to use tool with over 16,000 bikes to help identify the correct headset first time round. Click here to try it out

Shock Fit Finder: The perfect tool for identifying the right shock for your bike. Shock Fit Finder also includes Spring Calculators, bike specific Base Tunes, Tuning Tips and more. Click here to try it out