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Bike Shield


3 piece protection against cables and scratches from chain slap.


  • 1 piece Stay shield (25x3.8cm)
  • 2 piece Cable shield (2x3cm)

BikeShield keeps your bike in mint condition by protecting it from scratches, grit and stones. It offers clear advantages over other products which aim to provide invisible protection for bike frames. ON the bike it is invisible. Peel it off and the frames is like-new! Features:

  • Ultra-tough protection
  • Self healing when cut
  • Easy to apply or remove by hand
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Invisible on the bike
  • Will not yellow with age
  • Long lasting

MSRP Price List

Stock Code Description MSRP
BS10010-111 Stay & Cable Shield Kit £8.99
Stay & Cable Shield KitStay & Cable Shield KitStay & Cable Shield KitStay & Cable Shield Kit

"This does a does a superb job of protecting frames and forks from runs and scrapes."
February 2013 - Read the review