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A patented design that is by far the most efficient suspension upgrade for hardtails. The parallel-link design responds to all bumps with none of the friction common to all telescoping style seatposts.

  • 3' of travel, back and down, means there is no pedal-activated bob or compromise on saddle height.
  • At 540-570g the relatively low weight is less than 200g more than a standard rigid seatpost.
  • Twin elastomers can be changed to tune performance to weight/riding style.
  • 400mm Length (XL is 450mm)
  • Layback: 16mm uncompressed, 23-25mm compressed

NOTE: New version and other sizes available here - https://www.extrauk.co.uk/dealer-product/detail/Cane_Creek/Suspension_Seatposts/7318/

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"Pricey but an almost instant full-suspension conversion for your hardtail"
February 2009 - Read the review

Cane Creek

Cane Creek has a long, rich history in the evolution of bicycle suspension technologies and is among the world’s largest producers of bicycle headsets.  Located in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the employee-owned company...

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