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The crankbrothers tuned wheel system now includes an aluminium range.


Crankbrothers synthesis wheels take a new approach to wheel systems, focusing on a compliant front wheel with a stif rear wheel to achieve optimum ride characteristics for each.  The compliant front wheel improves handling and control in the turns, while a stif rear wheel enhances stability and trackinh at speed.  In the alloy range, these differing characteristics are achieved by variations chosen in spoke tension, spoke weight, spoke count, rim width and rim weight. 


The range features Enduro, XC/Trail and E-bike models, aiming to accommodate as many riders as possible.  There are 2 hub options available on enduro and XCT models - a crankbrothers hub and an i9 1/1 hub, providing 4 degrees of engagement.  Enduro and XCT rim only availability also gives the option for custom wheel building.


Front wheel

Inner rim width - 31.5 27.5/29, 35.5 27.5+ 

Spoke count - 28

Spokes - Sapim E-Light 

Weight - 980g 29 / 915g 27.5 / 928g 27.5+


Rear wheel

Inner rim width - 31.5 27.5/29, 35.5 27.5+ 

Spoke count - 32

Spokes - Sapim E-Strong

Weight - 1238g 29 / 1174g 27.5 / 1181g 27.5+

Hub engagement - 17 degrees  

MSRP Price List

Stock CodeFreehub TypeSize MSRP
CRB-16423SRAM XD27.5" plus£324.99
CRB-16424Shimano 9/10/11sp27.5" plus£324.99
CRB-16425Shimano Micro27.5" plus£324.99
CRB-16427SRAM XD29"£324.99
CRB-16428Shimano 9/10/11sp29"£324.99
CRB-16429Shimano Micro29"£324.99
Synthesis Alloy E-Bike wheel rearSynthesis Alloy E-Bike wheel rear


Crankbrothers was established by two keen mountain bikers, Carl and Frank. Their aim has always been to develop product for riders, from their first product, the speed lever, to the now iconic Mallet DH Race pedal.

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