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Enduro's Zero Bearing Jockey wheels are the ultimate drivetrain upgrade for riders seeking maximum efficiency and weight reductions. Zero Cermamic bearings use grade 3 ceramic (Silicon Nitride - Si3n4) balls which have tolerances are more than 2 times tighter than a standard ABEC 3 bearing. This is high level of tolerance combined with the high precision Delrin jockey wheels is critical in iradicating float and bearing play ensuring an efficient and precise drivetrain.

  • Avaialble for Shimano 9, 10, 11sp, Campagnolo 10 & 11sp, SRAM 9, 10, 11sp
  • High precision Delrin jockey wheels
  • Enduro Zero Ceramic Bearings
  • Weight: 8.7g

MSRP Price List

Stock CodeColourCompatibility MSRP
EB8603RedShimano 9/10sp£149.99
EB8621GoldShimano 9/10sp£149.99
EB8623RedCampagnolo 11sp£159.99
EB8624GoldCampagnolo 11sp£159.99
EB8645BlackShimano 9/10sp£149.99
EB9080RedShimano 11sp£159.99
EB9081BlackShimano 11sp£159.99
EB9084BlackSRAM 22£159.99

Enduro Bearings

Unlike others, Enduro bearings are not just ‘off the shelf’ Industrial bearings. They are tailored specifically for the demands of cycling.

Every aspect of an Enduro bearing is considered and spec’d to provide superior performance and...

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