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The Falcon project started by taking an existing idea of the fastest wheel and take this to the next level. Based on only two carbon spokes with NACA profile and a variable rim height between 48mm and 90mm, all aspects are designed to reduce the drag behind the wheel. From the first tests this wheel showed remarkable improvements compared to the more traditional time trial wheels out there. By using Toray 800 and 1000 UD carbon fibers the stiffness and strength of this wheel are ensured. The materials and shape combined make it a perfect balanced wheel.

The Falcon has been developed on rim width to make the wheel more aerodynamic in combination with wider tyres and compatible for the tubeless setup. It is available as road wheels for time trial and triathlon use in tubular and full carbon clincher with rim brake and disc brake options. Besides that the Falcon will also be available as track wheel where the tests proved a Falcon with rear DISC is more aerodynamic than other combinations.

  • Rim Width: 18mm Internal
  • Rim Material: UD Carbon
  • Rim Height: Variable 48-90mm
  • Weight: TBC

MSRP Price List

Stock CodeCompatibilityFront or RearLogo Colour MSRP
AF2SDFCCMBLDisc BrakeFrontBlack£
AF2SRFCCMBLRim BrakeFrontBlack£
AR2SDFCCMBLSHDisc BrakeRearBlack£
AR2SRFCCMBLSHRim BrakeRearBlack£1,699.95
Falcon Full Carbon Clincher DB WhiteFalcon Full Carbon Clincher DB BlackFalcon Full Carbon Clincher BlackFalcon Full Carbon Clincher WhiteCFD images as result from windtunnel testing. The blue and green lines show the turbulence behind the wheel.


Building fast, strong carbon wheels: that was our goal as we started our company FFWD Wheels in the year of 2006. Craftsmanship, high quality and durability are our most important values..

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