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A range of R3 saddles with a splash of colour to compliment the classic topped saddle range.  Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of the Arione these limited edition saddles are available in the 3 different saddle shapes and in both regular and large widths.

The Antares is 1 of fi’zi:k’s 3 Spine Concept™ Mens Road Saddle shapes. Of these 3, the Antares shape is wide and slightly curved in profile.

Antares R1 is for The Chameleon: Medium Spine.

If you have an intermediate degree of spinal flexibility (approximately 90 degrees between your straight legs and your back when bending over as far as you can, keeping your legs straight a shoulders’ width apart), you are a chameleon. Your degree of spinal flexibility helps you so far, before you need to rotate your pelvis slightly to achieve fully the performance position.

You will benefit from the increased width and slight curvature of the Antares shape.

  • Shell: Carbon Thermoplastic Composite with Wing Flex™ for freedom of thigh movement
  • Rail: fi’zi:k kium 
  • Cover: Microtex
  • Thigh Glides: Microtex
  • Integrated Clip System: Yes
  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: 142mm (regular) / 152mm (large)
  • Weight: 200g (regular) / 205g (large)

MSRP Price List

Stock CodeColourWidth MSRP
7483SWSA29574Black/RedRegular - 142mm£
7483SWSA59546White/BlackRegular - 142mm£
7483SWSA69653Black/GreenRegular - 142mm£134.99
7483SWSB09756Black/BlueRegular - 142mm£
74B1SWSA29574Black/RedLarge - 152mm£
74B1SWSA59546White/BlackLarge - 152mm£134.99
74B1SWSA69653Black/GreenLarge - 152mm£134.99
74B1SWSB09756Black/BlueLarge - 152mm£134.99
Antares R3 Colour EditionAntares R3 Colour EditionAntares R3 Colour EditionAntares R3 Colour EditionAntares R3 Colour EditionAntares R3 Colour EditionAntares R3 Colour EditionAntares R3 Colour Edition


Fi’zi:k is the premium, racing brand of Selle Royal S.p.a.  Its name is synonymous with the shape and form of the human body; hence the intuitive association with products that are contact points between riders and...

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