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Orange Seal


Formulated to maximize longevity. Orange Seal Endurance lasts up to 120 days between top-ups and performs down to -23 degrees Celsius. Endurance sealant will instantly seal punctures up to 3mm and slices up to 12mm.

  • Seals punctures upto 3mm
  • Seals slices upto 12mm
  • Seals tyres with porous sidewalls
  • Works down to -23°c
  • Last on average 60-120 days between top ups
  • No corrosive formula
  • Also great for inner tubes
  • Available with applicator injector or as a refill bottle.

How much sealant do you need?

  • Road tyres: 1-2oz per tyre
  • MTB 26": 3oz per tyre
  • MTB 27.5": 3oz per tyre
  • MTB 29": 4oz per tyre
  • Fat Bike: 6-8oz per tyre

MSRP Price List

Stock CodeVolume MSRP
OS-869248oz Refill£13.99
OS-869348oz w/injector£15.99
OS-869444oz w/injector£10.99
OS-869544oz Refill£7.99
OS-8696416oz Refill£20.99
OS-8697432oz Workshop Bottle£39.99
Endurance SealantEndurance SealantEndurance SealantEndurance Sealant

"A quality, effective tyre sealant for tubeless running and puncture repair"
March 2016 - Read the review

Orange Seal

Orange Seal is the next generation of tyre sealant. Using premium latex and ‘Nanites’, Orange Seal coats the entire tyre from bead-to-bead to ensure complete protection.

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