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Designed for the home mechanic. This simple and effective bearing press will extract and insert linkage bearings with ease. Thanks to a CNC construction this tool is ultra durable. A wide range of adaptors are available to suit almost any linkage bearing. The bearing press and adaptors are supplied separately so you can customize the bearing press kit to suit your requirements for greater value for money. Adaptor kits are supplied with full extraction and insertion fittings. For more information on adaptor kits see the below table.

NOTE - Bearing Kits 1, 2 & 3 don’t have male adaptors (just female ones) due to the small size of the bearing bore hole

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MSRP Price List

Stock CodeBearing FitmentKit MSRP
BPET0001n/aBearing Press Tool£59.99
BPET15261526 2rsKit 10£23.00
BPET1728717287 2rsKit 13a£23.00
BPET60006000 2rsKit 6£23.00
BPET60016001 2rsKit 8£23.00
BPET60026002 2rsKit 12£24.50
BPET60036003 2rsKit 15£25.00
BPET608608 2rs/608e 2rsKit 3£22.00
BPET638023802 2rs/63802 2rs/6802 2rs/61802 2rsKit 9£22.00
BPET68006800 2rs/61800 2rsKit 4£22.00
BPET68016801 2rs/61801 2rsKit 6a£23.00
BPET68036803 2rs/61803 2rsKit 13£23.00
BPET68046804 2rs/61804 2rsKit 16£24.50
BPET68056805/61805 2rsKit 17£26.00
BPET688688 2rsKit 1£22.00
BPET69006900 2rs/61900 2rsKit 5£22.00
BPET69016901 2rs/61901 2rsKit 7£22.00
BPET69026902 2rs/6902E 2rs/61902 2rsKit 11£23.00
BPET69036903 2rs/6903E 2rs/61903 2rs/61903E 2rsKit 14£23.50
BPET698698 2rsKit 2£22.00
Bearing PressBearing PressBearing Press

"the BPET makes what can be quite an awkward job much easier and more accurate"
March 2014 - Read the review


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