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RX Plus pads to fit Shimano, Avid V-Brake holders

  • Supplied as 2 pairs

Swissstop offers the best braking performance in all conditions for all types of bike.


  • Original Black - Suitable for less aggressive riding, very good in dry & wet conditions. Specifically recommended for rims made of softer alloy.

Why SwissStop?

  • Top performance on dry rims and even better performance on wet
  • Complete absence of abrasive materials which damage rims
  • Consistent braking (-20C to +40C)
  • Silent operation

Please ensure the compound meets the compatibility and warranty requirements of your wheels.

MSRP Price List

Stock CodeCompound MSRP
P100002334Original Black£18.99


SwissStop bicycle brake pads are a product of Rex Articoli Tecnici SA. Founded in 1935, the company started to develop and manufacture bicycle brake pads in the 1950s, becoming the original equipment supplier for several ...

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