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Developed specifically for the demands of 6, 7, 8-speed and narrow hub gear e-bike systems.

  • Designed for high-torque loads
  • Strong stainless steel inner links
  • Corrosion resistant for maximum service life  
  • 332g


MSRP Price List

Stock CodeLength MSRP
2321-08SE-1240124 Links£51.99
2321-08SE-1360136 Links£56.99


A bicycle is only as good as its chain: it’s the link between human power and forward motion. Yet surprisingly few high-end equipment users are aware of the enhanced shifting precision, reduced wear on expensive drivetrain components and the extended chain life offered by a top quality chain.

Be it mountain bike riding over rough terrain, leading the peloton on a racing bike, or en route with a trekking bike – with a Connex bicycle chain, gear changing will always be ...

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