Highline 3
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The all-new Highline delivers infinite adjustment, smooth feel, and easy installation for any bike.


  • Shorter insertion length to fit more bikes
  • Premium Trelleborg® sealing
  • Exclusive Igus® LL-glide bearings and keys
  • Jagwire® cable and housing
  • Self-contained hydraulic cartridge delivers industry leading quality and reliability
  • Internal routing 
  • Quick connect mechanism for ease of cable installation
  • Linear actuator for quick return speed
  • 2-bolt standard head
  • Remote sold separately 


  • Material: 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Setback: 0
  • Minimum stack height: 47mm
  • Warranty2 years

Specs 80mm;

  • Max extended length: 100mm
  • Max insertion length: 264mm
  • Total post length: 380mm
  • Weight: 460g (27.2), 550g (30.9), 560g (31.6)

Specs 100mm;

  • Max extended length: 241mm
  • Max insertion length: 220mm
  • Total post length: 370mm
  • Weight: 480g (27.2), 485g (30.9), 503g (31.6), 580g (34.9)

Specs 125mm;

  • Max extended length: 290mm
  • Max insertion length: 245mm
  • Total post length: 421mm
  • Weight: 525g (30.9), 545g (31.6), 635g (34.9)

Specs 150mm;

  • Max extended length: 337mm
  • Max insertion length: 270mm
  • Total post length: 469mm
  • Weight: 565g (30.9), 587g (31.6), 685g (34.9)

Specs 170mm;

  • Max extended length: 378mm
  • Max insertion length: 285mm
  • Total post length: 505mm
  • Weight: 586g (30.9), 609g (31.6), 735g (34.9)
Name: Highline 3