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Squirt as a company was founded in 2004 following the invention of a syringe-like application system that would apply wax based lubrication to a bike chain while on the move. After bringing on several friends and keen cyclists, Squirt was born.

Named for the “Squirting” process of the applicator, the company took the next logical step and began developing their own lubricant for the system. With the aim of making a biodegradable wax-based lubricant, that would not gather grime and turn black like oil-based lubricants, or transfer the residue to the rider’s clothing or calf.

The development was extensively tested, and the resulting product was so effective and long lasting that it effectively killed their own Squirt lubrication application system as a result.

What started as a hobby had become a full-time occupation for the partners doing what they enjoy: working in the cycling environment whilst doing their bit to protect the environment. Since its conception cycling legends such as Julien Absalon, Ned Overend, Mike Kloser and Travis Brown have been amongst those that have endorsed the product to name just a few.