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Orange Seal uses premium latex and ‘Nanites’ that coats the entire tyre from bead to bead to ensure complete protection. Their advanced Nanite system enables the formula to instantly locate and seal punctures and sidewall slices that exceeds the limitations in size of other sealants significantly. Using only premium latex that is long lasting, durable and works effectively at extremes of temperature, conditions and altitudes. Orange Seal lasts up to 25% longer than competitors and does not produce excess latex balls once the sealant dries out.

Once the Orange Seal has been applied, maintaining your tyres becomes a simple exercise of periodically topping up the sealant to ensure maximum and continued protection. Thanks to the easy application injector, installing Orange Seal is a simple task. No longer requiring the unseating of the tyre from the rim to then paint on the sealant and creating a mess of the work area and wheel itself. The procedure becomes simply removing the valve core and injecting the sealant straight from the bottle. This also makes sealant top-ups quick and easy, so you can spend more time riding.