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Designed for adventure!

  • Features an ergonomic channel delivering pressure relief in the soft tissue areas and support in the ischiatic zone.
  • Royalgel™ guarantees the highest level of comfort, reducing pressure peaks by 40% compared to standard padding materials.
  • Thermoplastic damper (Relaxed model only) absorbs the most severe and unexpected bumps.
  • Royal Vacuum Light technology ensures the saddle is 100% water resistant.
  • ICS for easy attachment of Selle Royal saddle bags and accessories.
  • Athletic (unisex): 274x152mm (LxW) – 379g
  • Moderate (unisex): 273x171mm (LxW) – 415g
  • Relaxed (unisex): 253x218mm (LxW) – 598g
Name: Explora