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FFWD are a dedicated team of cycling enthusiasts that work to develop and produce the cutting-edge cycle technology they are known for. FFWD wheels are designed and manufactured at their facility in Zwolle, The Netherlands. The team behind FFWD are all deeply embedded within the cycling world, many having raced at competition level and/or worked in the cycling industry for years. Being raised in The Netherlands cycling is part of our culture so there you have all the ingredients to understand what cyclists want.

The FFWD DARC rim profile has been developed to be faster by reducing the drag and creating an optimal airflow around the rim. It was originally designed around a setup with 23mm tires, the long-time standard for many cyclists. As a result of new technology, knowledge and materials riding tubeless has been one of the key evolvements in wheels the last years. With this also came a need for wider tires and the necessity to make wider rims.

Just taking an existing technology and retrofitting it to the current standard does not lead to the best results. With the development of a new aerodynamic rim profile, they started completely from scratch. 

FFWD tested the DARCTM profile's performance against a range of wheels from leading competitors, and the results showed that the F6R wheels are the best performance under real world wind conditions. 

The revolutionary DARCTM profile is designed to optimise aerodynamic performance by reducing drag around the wheel in both frontal and cross wind conditions. This is achieved by creating a negative-pressure section that compresses and speeds airflow over the rim, thus reducing drag while also increasing stability.